Your key to proper cleanliness

Founded in 2017, our company TREAMS (Treatment and Measurement Systems) GmbH is developer and manufacturer of cleanliness measuring devices. We have many years of user experience in cleanliness and outgassing measurements of products before and after fine and ultra-fine parts cleaning. Our user experience directly serves the development of application-oriented devices. With our devices the analysis and quantification of surface contaminants regarding film-type contaminants are carried out fully-automatically and closely along the process chain - from the goods receipt to the finished product. In addition to selling our VIDAM® cleanliness devices, we also offer you the analysis of process chains as a service.

What does TREAMS GmbH do?

Optimizing your Cleaning Processes:

Proper parts cleaning is becoming more and more relevant for many fields of industries. In particular, testing, verification and evaluation of cleaning processes are major keys for reproducible production processes. Whereas methods for detection of particular contamination have been established for some time, so far no adequate measuring methods have existed for film-type contaminants. TREAMS GmbH offers you the first fully-automatic cleanliness measurement device for the detection of chemical-film-type contaminants. In addition, we are your partner in answering all questions concerning cleaning processes and verifying component cleanliness. We also help you to optimize your cleaning process, identify the sources of contamination and, thereby, to ensure the proper cleanliness of your products.

Expert in Vacuum Technology:

In many processes and applications vacuum only is the means to an end. We help you with all questions concerning vacuum technology. Whether fundamental knowledge or designing and optimizing vacuum systems: With us, you are in good hands.

What are chemical-film-type contaminants?

Chemical-film-type contaminants are thin, coherent (non-particular) films of undesirable, external substances partially or completely covering parts surfaces.

Where do chemical-film-type contaminants originate from?

Where do chemical-film-type contaminants originate from

What are the effects of chemical-film-type contamination?

Film-type contamination can affect many subsequent processes. Possible consequences are:

- coating defects and therewith optical defects, which may impair product properties (corrosion resistance, mountability, etc.)
- Contamination of processing equipment, e.g. failure of optical components
- Reduction of quality of joining processes
- in medical technology: cytotoxic effects or inadequate biocompatibility of implants, instruments, etc.
- outgassing, which can have a negative impact on process stability
- deteriorated characteristics (e.g. resolution) of optical components