Cleanliness measurement has never been so easy!

Our solutions define today's standards for chemical-film-type contaminants and give you the possibility to accurately determine your products cleanliness.

„Your key to proper cleanliness“

What do you get from it?

Up to now, adequate monitoring of parts cleanliness was only possible by time-consuming, destructive and costly analytical methods.

This changes with our products: we makes cleanliness understandable for everyone.

Our Cleanliness devices…

... detect film-type contaminants on surfaces of individual components or assemblies of any geometry
... provide quantitative results (residual dirt in g) and thus allow the determination of appropriate limits for adequate cleanliness requirements
... allow easy identification of the sources of film-type contamination and enable efficient and targeted process optimization
... facilitate non-destructive testing without recontamination, so that the components can directly move into further processing
... can be easily implemented in-house and integrated into an existing process chain
... are very easy to use due to the a fully-automated measuring process and an intuitive user interface

The right device for your application...

ARGAT®- Automatic Residual Gas Analysis Tool

VIDAM®- Cleanliness measuring device for film-type contamination