Cleanliness measuring device for film-type contamination

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- Quantitative results (g/cm²)
- Non-destructive testing
- Fully-automated measurement
- Comparable results
- Residual dirt identification

VIDAM® is a cleanliness measuring device which determines chemical-film-type contamination of the entire product surface by vacuum induced desorption. Single components as well as assemblies can be analyzed – non-destructively and fully automated. As a result of spectral measurement, contaminants can be clearly identified and assigned to their causes. Furthermore, VIDAM® provides absolute and quantitative values in gram per surface or component, which enables the establishing of appropriate evaluation limits.

VIDAM® pre VIDAM® fine
Detection limit (absolute) 50 µg 5 µg
Fields of application goods receipt, after fine and ultra fine cleaning
Detectable production aids Various oils and fats, refrigerants, cleaners, preservatives,
solvents, solder fluxes and others
Measurable materials Stainless steel, aluminum, copper, nickel, titanium, glass,
PEEK, ceramics
  Data Sheet VIDAM

Data Sheet VIDAM®

Cleanliness measuring device for film-type contamination